NRA Action Pistol Competition
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The Sport:
The sport of NRA Action Pistol has been around since the early 1980s. Its origins trace back to the great Ray Chapman (1975 IPSC World Champion) and renowned leather holster maker John Bianchi, founder of Bianchi International. Together, they developed the original courses of fire in 1979 to be used in the first ever Bianchi Cup, which at the time was developed as a Law Enforcement only competition. Since its inception, 12 more courses of fire have been added, as well as the championship being opened to civilian competitors in 1984 when the National Rifle Association Of America started coordinating the Championship. The outcome is a challenging mix of PPC (Police Pistol Combat) and IPSC (International Practical Shooters Confederation) courses of fire, mixing speed and accuracy; making you an overall faster and more accurate pistol marksman regardless of specific discipline. Competitors from around the world, to include countries such as Australia, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada attend the Championship every year. The world's top pistol shooters as well as some of the world's best 3 gun shooters attend the Bianchi Cup every May in Columbia, MO making it one of the most prestigious championships in the world!

Starting in 1994, the World Action Pistol Championship (WAPC) has grown in leaps and bounds having successfully run in Italy, Australia, New Zealand; and is slated to take place in Philipsburg, Germany with the BDMP in 2012; and back in the US at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY in 2014. For more information on the WAPC email

Crossing over from one competitive pistol discipline to another is a great way to improve your all around pistol marksmanship skills. The best pistol shooters in the world practice, and shoot, all of the major shooting disciplines to include but not limited to: NRA Action Pistol, IDPA, USPSA, IPSC, ICORE, PPC and NRA Conventional Pistol (Bullseye). When a competitor can master all of the skills needed to be a top tier shooter in the disciplines mentioned above, you are guaranteed to be one of the world's best all around pistol shooters. If you can shoot well at the Bianchi Cup or in Action Pistol courses of fire in general, you are a true pistol marksman!

Course of Fire: (Bianchi Cup Events)
a. Aggregate match containing at least two of the following matches:

  1. Practical Event (Rule 10.13)
  2. Barricade Event (Rule 10.14)
  3. Moving Target Event (mod) (Rule 10.15)
  4. Falling Plate Event (Rule 10.16)

For a detailed description of the Bianchi Cup courses of fire, download the NRA Action Pistol rule book.

Learn more about NRA Action Pistol and how to get started.

If you would like more information on the MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup, go to to find news and updates regarding the championship, information on celebrities attending, and online registration.

NRA Action Pistol Distinguished Program

To recognize excellence in NRA Action Pistol Competition.

a. No limitation on firearm used so long as it conforms to NRA Action Pistol Shooting rules.

b. Points toward the Distinguished Badge may only be earned at NRA State, Regionals and the National Championship (NRA Bianchi Cup).

c. Competitors may compete for points in only (2) two State Championships, (1) one Regional, and the National Championship in any calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31).

d. Recognition for award of the Distinguished Badge is retroactive to 1985 for Open Division, 1998 for Metallic Division, and 2009 for Production Division. Individuals may petition for this by providing official results from qualified tournaments. Burden of proof of qualifying scores is on the petitioner.

e. Each Division scores will be counted separately for medal purposes.

Course of Fire:
a. Aggregate match containing at least two of the following matches:
1. Practical Event (Rule 10.13)
2. Barricade Event (Rule 10.14)
3. Moving Target Event (mod) (Rule 10.15)
4. Falling Plate Event (Rule 10.16)

b. Minimum Qualifying Score: In order to earn eligibility for Distinguished Points, competitors must fire a minimum score equal to at least 95% of the match aggregate in OPEN and 85% in METALLIC. (e.g., in a 1920 point aggregate, the minimum score required to qualify would be 1824 in OPEN DIVISION and 1632 in METALLIC DIVISION and PRODUCTION DIVISION).

The NRA Action Pistol Distinguished Badge will be awarded to those individuals who earn a total of 30 points through unassisted individual competition in qualifying events. Credit Points will be awarded as follows:
a. 10 points to the highest scoring non-distinguished competitor who fires a qualifying score.
b: 7 points to next highest scoring 10% of non-distinguished competitors who fire a qualifying score.
c. 5 points to next highest scoring 15% of non-distinguished competitors who fire a qualifying score
d. Fractions of .5 and over will be resolved to the next higher whole number. Smaller fractions will not be considered.

The NRA Action Pistol Distinguished Badge will be awarded at the end of the Tournament Calendar year in which it is earned by mail at the competitor's request, or at the National Championship - (NRA Bianchi Cup)

Action pistol competitors who feel they have achieved this level of competition should contact us at

A list of NRA Action Pistol Distinguished Badge Recipients may be viewed here.

Tournament Sponsors - Please be sure to indicate which Division competitors are shooting on the Distinguished Reporting Form you send to NRA.