ACUI Intercollegiate Shotgun Championships

The ACUI was founded in 1914 and is one of the oldest intercollegiate educational organizations in the nation. Its purpose is to provide the opportunity for student centers to improve their organizations, services, programs, facilities, and to assist in the development of new college unions. Any college or university that presents a program for the cultural, educational and recreational life of the student body as a preliminary activity is eligible to join the association.

The Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Recreation Program annually sponsors the ACUI Collegiate Clay Target Championships. Open to full-time college students, the championships are the only national tournament is which shooters may compete in five different clay target games in the same program: American Trap, International Trap, American Skeet, International Skeet and Sporting Clays. The NRA sponsors and funds the international events in trap and skeet and oversees the welfare of collegiate shotgun shooting programs. Numerous firearm companies and shooting organizations also sponsor ACUI Shotgun.

Any full-time undergraduate student may compete in college shotgun competition. Marksmanship instruction in shotgun may be offered through the college's physical education or recreation departments or through a club.

For further information on the ACUI Clay Target Championships, write Michelle Smith at or call 812-245-8055.