2014 NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships
NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships

Date: March 13-16, 2014
Location: Ft Benning, GA

NRA Rifle Club Championship participants, Please Note:
The 2014 Rifle Club Championships will be shot at Fort Benning on the International 50 meter ISSU approved range. This world class facility boasts the finest electronic scoring system in the world, used for world class smallbore events.
The 2014 Air Rifle Club Championships will be shot at Fort Benning on the world class 10 meter air gun range as well.

Overview of the Championship:
This championship will include NRA College Rifle Clubs, ROTC Teams, and independent shooters.

The purpose of this championship is to determine the National Collegiate Rifle Club Individual and Team Champions, and ROTC Individual and Team Champions.

The championship will feature Smallbore Rifle and Air Rifle competitions, Training Summits for all participants and coaches, and an opportunity for coaches and shooters to meet others in the sport they may not usually see during the regular season.

Invitations to the NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships:
To be eligible for participation in the NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships a shooter must be a regularly enrolled undergraduate student who complies with the eligibility rules of his/her institution. An undergraduate is a student who has not received his/her bachelor's degree. Qualifying teams and individuals will be selected based on scores fired in the current years' NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Sectionals. See the NRA International Rifle Rule 2.8.

The top thirty ranking individuals in each gun and the top ten ranking team in each gun will be invited. Only one team per institution per event may qualify to compete.
Additionally, the top three teams and the top five individuals from sectionals will be given free entry to the championship.

It is the hope of the NRA Collegiate Program that the NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championship will grow and strengthen the competitive rifle teams on campuses across the nation. All collegiate rifle clubs are urged to shoot in the Intercollegiate Sectionals in hopes of qualifying.

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