NCAA Rifle Championships

In 1980, the NCAA Rifle Championships were established and the first competition held. The competitive events were three-position smallbore rifle and air rifle. These courses of fire are still in effect today.

The NCAA Rifle Championships are directed by the NCAA Rifle Committee. NCAA rifle competition is governed by the current year's NCAA Rifle Rule Book. Policies, dates and sites of the championships are subject to approval by the NCAA Executive Committee.

To be eligible for the championships, an individual or team must represent an NCAA affiliated school and rifle must be officially recognized as a championship sport at that institution. This distinction is important for the collegiate who wants to compete for an NCAA championship title. Only the rifle shooter who attends an NCAA-affiliated college recognizing rifle as a championship sport can compete in the NCAA Rifle Championships.

For further information, write to the NCAA at Box 6222, Indianapolis, IN. 46206-6222, call 317-917-6222 or try the NCAA rifle website.