Directory & Contact Information
Information relevant to the National Matches, the Director of Civilian Marksmanship, State and Senior Games, International Shooting Competitions, Advanced Marksmanship Training, general target information.
Director 703-267-1460
Administrative Assistant 703-267-1480
Competitors' Liaison 703-267-1468

Collegiate and Schools Department
Manages Collegiate and Schools shooting programs to include NRA Intercollegiate Sectionals, NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships, NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships, NCAA Rifle Championships, ACUI Shotgun Championships, and Senior ROTC. Supports Collegiate and High School club competitive shooting programs.
National Manager 703-267-1473

NRA Disabled Shooting Services Department
Manages all aspects of formalized competition for competitors with disabilities, including shooting as a rehabilitative experience, modifying shooting programs for local consumption, formulating NRA policies concerning the disabled community, conducting local events and clinics, and interfacing with organizations which represent the physically disabled. Administers competitive protests and Permanent and Temporary Special Authorizations (petitions) for physically disabled shooters, and interfacing with organizations which represent the physically disabled.
Program Coordinator 703-267-1477

Pistol, Conventional
Pistol, Action Shooting
Manages all conventional (bull's eye) pistol and International-style pistol competitive events. Also responsible for the NRA/USA Pistol Team program, and the Mayleigh Postal Team. Responsible for the National Action Pistol Championship, otherwise knows as the NRA Bianchi Cup. Pistol Manager, or his designate, acts as the Match Director for the National Outdoor Conventional Pistol Championships at Camp Perry.
National Manager 703-267-1451
Program Coordinator Action Shooting 703-267-1478
Program Assistant 703-267-1452

Rifle Department: Smallbore and Air Rifle
Manages rifle programs associated with Smallbore (rim fire), Air Gun and BB Gun (International BB Gun Championships), NRA International Smallbore, Dewar Postal Team, Randle Postal Team, and the Pershing and Roberts Team. Rifle Manager acts as the Match Director for the National Smallbore Rifle Championships at Camp Perry.
National Manager 703-267-1475
Air Gun Coordinator 703-267-1477
Postal/Sectional Coordinator 703-267-1482
Smallbore Rifle Program Specialist 703-267-1456

High Power Rifle: Conventional and Action Rifle
Manages all centerfire rifle programs associated with conventional high power rifle to include Across the Course, Mid Range, Long Range, Palma, F-Class Open and F-T/R, Fullbore Prone and International Fullbore Prone. Also responsible for Action Rifle Match Competitions. Rifle Manager acts as the Match Director for the National High Power, Mid Range, Long Range and Fullbore National Championships at Camp Perry.
Manager 703-267-1479
High Power Rifle Program Coordinator 703-267-1487

Silhouette and Black Powder Target Rifle Department
Responsible for all NRA competitive Silhouette shooting activities and NRA's Black Powder Target Rifle programs. Manager acts as the Match Director for all NRA National Silhouette Championships.
National Manager 703-267-1474
Silhouette/BP Target Rifle Coordinator 703-267-1465

Tournament Operations
Provides policy guidance and assistance for ALL NRA sanctioned tournaments, including changes and cancellations: Registered, Approved, Special, League, Regional, Sectional, and State Championships; manages and assigns NRA Referees; manages "Coming Events" for Shooting Sports, USA.
Manager 703-267-1459
Tournament Specialist 703-267-1466
Secretary 703-267-1464

Tournament Reporting
Receives and posts all scores from NRA sanctioned tournaments. Issues CLASSIFICATION cards (NOT QUALIFICATIONS) to competitive shooters. Tracks all Tournament Reports including appropriate fees. Issues State Champions Certificates.
Assistant Manager 703-267-1457
Senior Data Entry Operator 703-267-1467
Data Entry Operator 703-267-1468

Tournament Resources
Provides assistance to and implements policy for Volunteers supporting competitive shooting. Recruits and staffs the following: National Matches, Camp Perry, Ohio: Collegiate Pistol Championships; and other NRA national shooting events; and volunteer support for the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits. Provides logistic support for all NRA National Championships and provides support for all competitive shooting marketing and sponsorship programs.
Manager 703-267-1485
Assistant Manager 703-267-1471